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We have all experienced it... your computer just sits there spinning, taking forever to load an application or even search for files. It's a nightmare and a common issue with most computers.  The #1 question I get from customers is how do I speed up my computer, so I put together a little list of recommendations and tips to get you back up and running smoothly! 1. QUIT APPLICATIONS

Quit programs when you are done with them. Most users don't close applications correctly and don't realize they are still running, taking up system resources. This is especially true on Macs. You can use the Command+Q Keyboard to fully quit an app. You may also find this under the application name on the top Left and hit quit.


A full Hard Drive can put a lot of strain on a machine. A great tool I recommend is Disk Inventory X. It's easy to use and gives a visual representation of what is taking up space on your drive. Once you open it, it will ask which drive you would like to scan, select your Macintosh HD and hit Open Volume. It will now scan your drive and give you a colorful graph of your data. Look for Large blocks and see what they are. May be Movies you have already watched or downloads you no longer need. Do be careful with this tool as it shows everything, even system files. Do not delete anything under /System or /Library unless you know what your doing. 


We recommend getting a computer Tune Up at least once a year. Just like your car, your computer needs minor adjustments and cleaning to be running at tip top shape. Our $50 Tune Ups include: 

  • Hard Drive Health Check

  • Malware Check and Removal

  • Filesystem Check and Repair

  • Repair Permisions

  • Running Daily, Weekly and Monthly Scripts

  • Clean System and App Caches

  • Clean Trash

  • Defrag or Run Trim

  • Full computer Dusting and clean


Most computers have Mechanical Hard Drives, they were the standard for years but now with Solid State Technology becoming cheaper and more available, it really doesn't make sense not to have one. Solid State Drives have no moving parts, making them much more reliable and much faster. Using NAND Technology, the same type of storage found on your iPhone or in a Thumb Drive, you can see Read/Write speeds over 10x faster than mechanical drives. For around $250 - $400 for a full install and Data Transfer you can make your sluggish computer faster than it was new. This is true for both PCs and Macs and most of the time we are able to get you back up and running within 24 Hours. Give us a call to learn more!


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